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Could Vitamin K2 help patients with Covid-19?

Researchers don't even fully understand the mechanisms yet, but the numbers are mind-blowing!

Data from the front lines of battling the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020 are showing interesting findings regarding Vitamin K2. Read the article here.

Dutch researchers compared 123 cases with Covid-19 symptoms to 184 control cases. Of the Covid-19 cases, they put them in three categories:

  1. Those that were discharged and recovered. (Good outcome)

  2. Those that had to be transferred to Intensive Care. (Bad outcome)

  3. Those that died. (Bad outcome)

Using blood tests measuring a protein inversely related to Vitamin K2 status, they determined that K2 inadequacy was more prevalent in the cases of Covid-19 infection. Amongst the Covid-19 cases, K2 deficiency was most likely in the cases that resulted in "Bad outcomes".

This data is new and no definitive conclusions can be made at this point. Initial theories are that Vitamin K2 may play a role in the elasticity of lung tissue and it's resilience/recovery from infections.

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